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We got funded in England, almost $60k for two intertwined projects, Standing Strong and Take Five.

Take Five is designed to teach school-teachers fundamental mindfulness skills (Phase One), help them with needs analysis for their students (Phase Two) and then help them implement the material on behalf of their people in Phase Three, right before summer break, 2015. Thirty to forty teachers will work on using body-based mindfulness to skills to help meet their own needs and those of their students and their parents.

Standing Strong is the bigger umbrella, and both work off of a set of core practices that i seem to share across whatever cool projects i can get invited to.

And this all happens 18 miles from Rotherham, blighted speck of human-soul-worlds this year, 1200 young people hurt bad, nearly all of them girls, forced and raped, over and over again, and no executions where held to remove the perps from the genepool.

Just saying.


Each Amazing Breath is dedicated to creating worlds to live in where young people are free to be children, with intrusive violence and life-long pain vanquished forever. That's our work, and we're grateful to have the next step in this endeavor.

Blessings, m


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