i look at 'anger' as a true, extant stream of energy, and so what...

anger is a lower energy stream, of less use to humans than many others. its purpose (its raison d'être) is to destroy things, annihilate, bring about a final end.

anger grows from places inside where great loss resides, where Love shines only weakly through smoky haze and hand-to-nose smells.

if you pay attention, you may learn things, but allowing anger is less useful than cultivating power, and aligning that power w/ Love and compassion.

discern like the wind

i know from yoga one can use body and mind to conjure energy, create it whole from All Love or draw it straight from thin air. i know that, and i am glad.

given that, there's no need to dwell in anger; anger is low, meaning only, it can't be usefully redeployed from task to task, relationship to project to self. anger just destroys, and argue all you want to justify yourself, but for me, i don't have much left that i wish destroyed. i've let go of so much,and luckily with the relinquishing goes hubris, anger... everything that suits me no more.

put to use wisely

well-earned cultivated power can be put to many uses: it can propel me to write these words, or i can take it out dancing tonight and bring it home with me as i show up for family. on a good day, i can harvest the bounty of loving power and teach people to serve with more grace and dignity.

anger is useless in these kindly realms, so like addiction to ill-cut white powder or dirty speed, i'll pass, and say no to anger. but thank you, for real.

still in the ring

What about people who have been beaten down? How do we help those hurt by anger and scarred permanently with malice? could it be even, they need a bit of anger themselves to shake loose the tethers? let's say no, let's focus instead on the desire to live well, and a fierce belief that we all deserve that.

to use anger as a tool, you compete with those who use anger at a tool, many quite skilled, perpetrators and liars both. I say, let them be, let them deal with god or the fates, while we nourish Love.

but how do we raise energy in the downtrodden, in the downtrodden parts of our own soul? i say, breath by breath. Teach people to breathe—breathe yourself—and help set the worlds free. teach all of us to stand tall, and you help stoke the fires of self-determination that must break the chains. do that, not anger.


we can use destruction, but let's destroy wisely. let's destroy the belief that any of us is unworthy of divine Love; let's destroy w/ Love and not anger, for anger is blunt and venomous, a dangerous force to let loose upon our own being.

anger moves with low-premeditation and when amplified, transforms transforms into malice, rage, and chaos.

It's rare that anger will be useful, but i don't want to mess w/ anyone's survival, so if anger is holding your tissues together, i have no suggestion for otherwise. But as soon as you have met the immediate need, build power in other ways.

Good speed, away from anger.

Love, m


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