dear LightWorker 15

dear LightWorker

on Beauty

Beauty is the carrier, a solvent, an agent, to Divine Love

and God wondered if it was worth all the effort when she gazed upon Beauty and knew that it was (thanks T)

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dear LightWorker 14

dear LightWorker

Desire, delight and Yes, and...

w/ Desires, yes, and.

know them, play w/ them, explore them, plunge in yes, and know them.

and know where they come from and what they are, notice how they are comprised, what they are, and who you are.

Yes, and... Love, and ...

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dear LightWorker 16

negotiating from a place of Love does help it turns out.

daniyyz [10:08 AM] tell me more

marqpdx [10:08 AM] seeing everyone’s hurt, seeing how that leads to anger, seeing how that leads to lashing out...

being spacious enough in Love to simply be present ...

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dear LightWorker 17

dear Ones,

it's been a long while, 10 days or so. A lot happens that quickly.

We are Blessed, k?

For real.

So why today, now? What gives that i must put down in words...?

we are Blessed. imagine that, let that become an inner stepping stone, a launching ...

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dear LightWorker 13

dear LightWorker


  1. We are not what we think we are.
  2. We Are Love
  3. there is work we can do as, and on behalf of Love, that will bring an end to suffering
  4. we are more powerful than we believe, or imagine
  5. Time is a constraint we need to be ...
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