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negotiating from a place of Love does help it turns out.

daniyyz [10:08 AM] tell me more

marqpdx [10:08 AM] seeing everyone’s hurt, seeing how that leads to anger, seeing how that leads to lashing out...

being spacious enough in Love to simply be present to all the facets of these volatile moments, these storms of feelings and surgings of chemicals and emotions...

just to see the wounds, the soul’s need to ‘defend itself’ in the face of overwhelm...

and to love it all, not by loving each part, but by cradling it w/ an embrace of Love that is simply much much bigger than the scale of the upset.

that’s a key bit actually, not having to “love” each detail, that’s not needed, just Love it all in whatever container we are considering, a trauma or a resentment or a loss or whatever...

b/c requiring ourselves to Love each detail, while noble, is also folly in one way, it meets like w/ like, time-bound trauma w/ time-bound balm.

rather, simply bring, and be Love, envelop it all w/ Love, imbue it with Love, breathe Love in and out, and it changes the nature of the boundaries and substance of the conflict.

obv i am only so skilled at it to be able to take on small scale projects, but as i learn more, and as we team up, we can tackle bigger hurts in time-busting ways.


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