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dear LightWorker

a first breath

having lived a few decades past childhood, feeling the interesting home fires of old age calling, i note to myself in these words that i have noticed things, patterns. they are important, b/c they help us separate useful information from distraction.

there has never been a better time to practice Discernment than now. we shall start there.

Lesson One - Discernment

There are many place to begin, and this is a good one. Discernment means...?

Give yourself a moment to breathe, and with that consider the word discernment—before you plunge ahead w/ my rendition of that single idea.


know your breath. that's lesson one. know it always.

there's simply no other tool as powerful as to occupy the place of first instruction.

then we jump back to St Augustine, who among many invoked us to Love, that is our call. i heed.

he continued, but before we catch up, we need a third, after breathe and love, and that is notice. Notice everything that is going on, and for the proper lens, a singular most useful filter to look through refer to numbers 2 and 1 above, two becoming one, Love as you breathe.

Notice without judgment; judgment is of the mind; listen for soul and heed the body as you notice. Notice what your body knows, not wants, but knows.

That's a good start. Breathe, Love, and Notice. From that we will build discernment.


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