Miscellaneous writing about life, now, paying attention, and ptsd, and the amazing projects i've shared with amazing people.

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on writing, 11, Apr
i note some interesting tidbits, before they get swept away
sounds, 09, Jan
i muse on sensations coming in
PANS, 07, Jan
versioning, 24, Mar
i outline a numerical versioning system which helps me write documents...

on writing


there's two kinds of writing. that which is for the writer herself or his. and that which is for everyone else. it's very hard to write both at once, so write twice. :-)

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it's a multitude of sounds, that of All Love cheering us on. it pops up more and more in my seeing and it's beyond precious. we are so Blessed, and the darkness can pass, and will pass.

don't ask anyone to lessen themselves bc of your ...

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Title: Resting inside a Wilding Time

Join Molly Lannon Kenny and Mark Lilly for this day of deep connection and restoration. Molly and Mark have served amazing, resilient people facing enormous life challenges for decades, and have been close friends and mutual support for over well over ten years. Join ...

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this method is derived from good practices in software development. software is built incrementally, moving towards "release" with the best velocity the team can muster.

in writing, i like to version pieces, b/c it helps me nurture them consistenly.

versioning "standards"

in personal writing, i am the team ...

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communicating with robots

oak trees and acorns

one thing i like about computers is being able to create aliases for scripts, scripts being short bits of computer instruction, line by line with branching and conditional elements. good flowing software is fun to write, to tunnel through and uncover.

but thinking about these aliases ...

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