i muse on sensations coming in


it's a multitude of sounds, that of All Love cheering us on. it pops up more and more in my seeing and it's beyond precious. we are so Blessed, and the darkness can pass, and will pass.

don't ask anyone to lessen themselves bc of your insecurities

all i could come up with is that i want to feel home on this planet, somewhere, and maybe that’ll always only be w/i myself, but i’d like to feel at home here.

i want to want what benefits all creation, i want more Love in the world, and in my life, i want less suffering for every creature, i want joyousness and vitality and curiosity to flourish among humankind.

it requires spaciousness and capacity to be able to choose how to respond to your present-tense reality. at that point, the amount of suffering often goes way down, b/c one has far vaster control of one's internal experience of living.


b/c this is the intergration and consolidation phase.


What about a second set of cards or something that challenge people to use the practices in a variety of situations. Like "walking to ___" and then "waiting in line at ____" or "making breakfast" - fairly benign things that, let's say there are 30 - and once a day they get in the habit of doing a practice outside of (though still maybe inside of) distress.... body then learns this is a tool not just for distress tolerance but can be embedded throughout the day in less high stake situations also. Can have some self care ones too

Sustainment plan [not sure what this is yet?] Support-network card Self-assessment plan [how can the client know they are doing ok six months from now? - some of these we may need to work out w/ the people on Monday (Rachel's and Mick's teams)]


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