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March 2017
All Love asks, how - Thu, Mar 09

i relate steps i took

All Love asks, day three.1 - Tue, Mar 07

i watch myself fall

All Love asks, day three.2 - Tue, Mar 07

i try to make more sense

All Love asks, day three - Tue, Mar 07

I realize i am not a limited human being

All Love asks, mod version part five - Sun, Mar 05

These words aren't mine.

All Love asks, mod version part four - Sun, Mar 05

We say thanks

All Love asks, mod version part three - Sun, Mar 05

We get literal

All Love asks, mod version part two - Sun, Mar 05

All Love is so pleased to see us again.

All Love asks mod version - Sun, Mar 05

All Love asks is that we surrender totally and have it all.

give - Fri, Mar 03

Wherein i am sad, and Beloved

February 2017
on Grief and Grace - Fri, Feb 24

i find words for Grace and Grief, and other odds and ends

on healing - Fri, Feb 17

i bump into something of the Truth

postlude - Fri, Feb 17

do it well - Fri, Feb 17

first glimpse - Fri, Feb 17

January 2017
sounds - Mon, Jan 09

i muse on sensations coming in

PANS - Sat, Jan 07

the system stack - Fri, Jan 06

single signon - Fri, Jan 06

EAB ConnectHub - Thu, Jan 05

December 2016
ego is the fool... - Wed, Dec 28

i view myself

bodymind needs - Mon, Dec 26

bodymind _needs_ (while the rest of me desires) and how that all works out

to start - Fri, Dec 23

i am humble once again

bodymind - Tue, Dec 20

i write about bodymind as one

desires... - Mon, Dec 12

i hope to clarify for my own sake

roadmap - Mon, Dec 12

i hope to simplify

home within, a flowchart - Mon, Dec 12

i strive to calibrate even more exquisitely

soulwork 102 - Wed, Dec 07

i explore the journing in, and anticipate the journey out.

k, breathe - Mon, Dec 05

i wonder about my place in the universe

dimensions - Mon, Dec 05

i write about nine dimensions, as if it makes some sort of sense.

connected - Mon, Dec 05

i wonder about my place in the universe

this book’s point - Fri, Dec 02

i appreciate brevity

November 2016
what is peril - Wed, Nov 30

i appreciate first moments

rain - Wed, Nov 30

i contemplate

a beginning - Tue, Nov 29

i contemplate the journeys in to and out from our selves

soulwork 101 - Tue, Nov 29

Wherein i explore the journing in, and anticipate the journey out.

more wild - Mon, Nov 28

muzzle velocity - Wed, Nov 09

i am grateful no bullet struck me

October 2016
god planted the tree - Wed, Oct 26

i trip on god...

wild - Wed, Oct 26

In front of mindfulness - Fri, Oct 21

noboundryman - Sun, Oct 16

i am grateful to others who've invested in all of us

September 2016
sadness part 2 - Wed, Sep 28

sadness - Wed, Sep 28

my nervous system - Sat, Sep 17

i notice the simple choice of Love

June 2016
tom quixote - Wed, Jun 22

i appreciate the preciousness of thin lines...

March 2016
long form - Wed, Mar 16

i am... and can't believe i am so Blessed

something is nigh - Sun, Mar 06

i mourn what feels like way too little time, and for what?

February 2016
All Love asks 2 - Sat, Feb 20

i savor Love and many of its flavours

All Love asks - Fri, Feb 19

i am curious about All Love, and grateful beyond description

January 2016
exquisite mayhem - Mon, Jan 04

i appreciate how amazing this all is, even when crash comes to burn

December 2015
early one - Tue, Dec 29

i am grateful we are still alive, but i don't even know it

dave is a helper, too - Mon, Dec 28

i am grateful for Helpers

cracks in my hearts - Sat, Dec 26

arms open, across my chest...

plunge in, per V - Sat, Dec 26

i humbly share words from Swami Vivekananda

Angel, fallen - Fri, Dec 25

this is this, and 'I Am That' was a ruse

here's a firefly - Tue, Dec 22

palms open...

safety and now, part two - Tue, Dec 22

i can envision thinking we might yet be ok...

safety and now - Mon, Dec 21

safety comes first, but how?

editor note, mid december - Mon, Dec 21

i note from the editor's desk...

November 2015
half life - Thu, Nov 05

i mull the diminuendo of my life

October 2015
on grief, - Fri, Oct 02

i appreciate the momentum after a crash

mania and friends - Thu, Oct 01

i appreciate the momentum after a crash

July 2015
unexpected elegy - Mon, Jul 20

i miss Larry

standing down - Wed, Jul 08

i nod in gratitude to standing down

mad spacious - Tue, Jul 07

i am super grateful to know any kind of spaciousness...

June 2015
stunned - Sat, Jun 20

i feel grateful even when my body once got hit by a car...

evening news - Thu, Jun 18

i watched my bodymind be sad...

outside looking in - Wed, Jun 17

i contemplate certain desires to feel better...

May 2015
inside ptsd, in the wind - Sun, May 24

i am as far off the radar as possible...

April 2015
present for healing - Thu, Apr 02

i state why it's so important to be present for healing

March 2015
a four word story - Sat, Mar 28

i write four words...

bmrt - Wed, Mar 25

i give a too brief outline of Body-Mind Rehab Therapy

eab, hospitals - Wed, Mar 25

i outline aspects of frontline mindfulness for hospital staff

inside ptsd, economics - Tue, Mar 24

i consider the cost of the aftermath...

versioning - Tue, Mar 24

i outline a numerical versioning system which helps me write documents...

surviving mindfulness, epilog - Tue, Mar 24

mindfulness is not a free-ride to bliss and i don't want oversell it...

surviving mindfulness, the infinite Love edition - Tue, Mar 24

i admit that we gotta go for it, b/c we are the people we've been waiting for...

surviving mindfulness, study yourself - Mon, Mar 23

i consider steps to, and pitfalls of mindfulness

now, and centuries - Sun, Mar 22

i notice a missing middle...

worksop zero - Sat, Mar 21

i sketch out a project in England i am blessed to be part of

crawling forth, beyond ptsd - Fri, Mar 20

i ponder how i can't stay in ptsd forever, b/c that's letting the demons win...

systems and standard, two - Thu, Mar 19

i write about unpleasant parts of current reality...

systems and standard - Wed, Mar 18

i see bigger patterns, old and often ugly ones...

inside ptsd, mere survival - Tue, Mar 17

i share affection for the act of mere survival...

homage - Tue, Mar 03

Just a word, a hard-working word...

communicating with robots - Sun, Mar 01

i ponder patterns, and aliases, and encapsulating a lot of info in a small space.

February 2015
another pause - Thu, Feb 26

i relate that as tough as it might be, i'm super grateful to be here...

inside ptsd, the addiction episode, part 5 - Wed, Feb 25

i mostly conclude this inquiry into the nature of addictions...

inside ptsd, the addiction episode, part 4b - Tue, Feb 24

i further investigate details, motivation, and the unique allure of various substances...

inside ptsd, the addiction episode, part 4a - Tue, Feb 24

i investigate details, motivation, and the unique allure of various substances...

hilarious - Mon, Feb 23

Just a word, a hard-working word...

inside ptsd, the addiction episode, part 3 - Sat, Feb 21

i investigate details, and motivation...

inside ptsd, the addiction episode, part 2 - Fri, Feb 20

i hope for insight...

surviving mindfulness - Tue, Feb 17

mindfulness is not a free-ride to bliss and i don't want oversell it...

inside ptsd, more than a recollection - Sat, Feb 14

i was driving in Illinois west out of Chicago, cold mid-winter, and the past in an instant became present...

inside ptsd, body knows - Wed, Feb 11

i recognize how imperative the body is in all considerations of mindfulness...

inside ptsd, the addiction episode - Wed, Feb 04

i contemplate some of what i remember, can infer or concoct about addiction...

anger, the lower - Sun, Feb 01

i look at 'anger' as a true, extant stream of energy, and so what...

January 2015
a pause - Wed, Jan 28

i stand down for a breath or two

time shift two, still inside the ptsd - Mon, Jan 26

time shift, inside the ptsd - Sat, Jan 24

inside ptsd, fleeing - Mon, Jan 19

i look at my primary response to acute trauma...

inside ptsd, backstory - Mon, Jan 12

i step back and give a simple context for the whole endeavor.

a thousand near misses - Sun, Jan 04

i scratch out words

inside ptsd, the mad list - Fri, Jan 02

i make a list about a lot of the details alive for me inside ptsd...

inside ptsd - Thu, Jan 01

October 2014
eab-102 - Fri, Oct 31

nine-details - Tue, Oct 21

a flash feeling - Fri, Oct 17

the huge currents of living are felt

outside our comfort zones - Thu, Oct 16

from PTSD i've learned - Wed, Oct 01

a colophon - Wed, Oct 01

September 2014
about demons i've learned, 2 - Tue, Sep 23

i share about the seemingly mean spirits

happiness is overrated - Tue, Sep 23

my yes - Sun, Sep 21

my extremes (some) - Sat, Sep 20

deploy - Fri, Sep 19

give god a standing ovation - Thu, Sep 18

tales from the fifth dimension - Wed, Sep 17

sleeping dream, morning dream - Tue, Sep 16

fifth dimension, of Love - Wed, Sep 10

All Love is like... - Mon, Sep 08


August 2014
about demons i've learned - Sun, Aug 31

i honor survivors

everything new again - Sat, Aug 30

at the door - Sat, Aug 23

stories, the first - Mon, Aug 11

July 2014
on being reborn - Fri, Jul 04

June 2014
capital letters - Thu, Jun 26

May 2014
the timing of now - Sat, May 17

April 2014
walking the dog - Fri, Apr 18

head on the table pose - Fri, Apr 04