i appreciate how amazing this all is, even when crash comes to burn

possibly related

met Jake B today. good day.

i can still dance. Bless.

oh my, the good moments are exquisite, and then there's mayhem. One can't have one alone, they come together, and the first step is to see Grace inside the chaos.

Ouf, i love you all dearly.

so it seems

© Jorge Royan / http://www.royan.com.ar, via Wikimedia Commons

on the raw edge, that we are blessed, and lucky to be alive.

take survival, the mere act of making it from sunrise to sunset, and back around again. billions of cells need to cohere, constitute, and obey their dictates. bless.

from there, choice, Love, will. that alone takes lifetimes to simply glimpse the possibility of minor mastery, let alone the real thing.

we are flowers in a vast garden, wavelets across a giant sea, and we are Loved. we are so Loved.

we are, to be quite frank, Love itself.

start w/ that and go from there.

ps, me too

some months later...

i do believe we have had a hand in calling this forth. i do believe we are exploring the highest realms we can in these bodies, ways that aren't crass with earthly monomania, but rather living prayers we are collectively calling to become our most Love-filled selves.

and to see most clearly the Love that we already are.


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