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the "All Love asks" collection:

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there have been steps, along the earnest path, to where i am now, vastly more capable of seeing and knowing our true nature as Love than ever before.

  • study your desires and your needs; the former is woven in w/ each of our soul's reasons for being here, and the latter is bodymind the vessel trying to survive, on a planet teaming w/ carnivorous, vegan, and parasitic forms of hungry creatures vying equally to survive.
  • meditate on I Am, make that your mantra, your jack or jill and the beanstalk ladder upon which to climb into yourself and explore.
  • let your mind imagine (at first, b/c imagining won't be needed for too long), over and over again, that you are comprised of All Love, and that All Love is True and complete substance of the all the galaxies, and the timeless spaces between and beyond.
  • Breathe, with tender curiosity, and let each breath nurture an inner spaciousness where it is safe for you to practice and explore
  • love the back-side of your own heart. be honest w/ yourself at how skilled you are at loving yourself, at seeing yourself as beyond Precious, as Love sees you. be more kind to your own self than you have ever been for your capacity to love yourself is the limit of how well you can love others.
  • practice seeing God in everyone, practice seeing everyone as God, like you might look at a wave upon the sea not just as a small strip of curling water rippling toward a shore, but seeing that was as the entire Ocean expressing itself in that unlimited embodiment
  • know that you are not a limited human being, bound by die and certain to die. know that you, as Love, are infinite, and have neither beginning nor end.
  • practice replacing your desires w/ Love's, practice augmenting your will with Love's so you become not a tiny speck writing in a fight for mere survival, but a true star of Light radiating out Love as effortlessly as the sun shines warmth upon us
  • Breathe again, and say thanks, to Love, and mean it.
  • see around the tight false corner that has us believing we are small, separate beings, boxed in and forced to defend an ever shrinking patch of earthly turf.
  • say to Love i love you and i am yours and we are One.
  • be bold in all this, dear souls of Light, b/c our work on earth has never been this timely, and our showing up never more important than right now for Love's for no one to suffer ever again.


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