i savor Love and many of its flavours

the "All Love asks" collection:

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  2. All Love asks 2
  3. All Love asks mod version
  4. All Love asks, mod version part two
  5. All Love asks, mod version part three
  6. All Love asks, mod version part five
  7. All Love asks, mod version part four
  8. All Love asks, day three
  9. All Love asks, day three.1
  10. All Love asks, day three.2
  11. All Love asks, how

possibly related

item #1 is up for bid

the ask from All Love, that we show up extra hard right now b/c it's crucial time, is a gift we came here for; let us immerse in the kindly depths of true Stillness, for we are needed.

Humanity gropes along inflection points—frayed smooth rope in bloody hand—where peril vies promise for momentous energy to tip the scales into, or away from chasms that spawn millions of suffering.


We can do better, and the tool is simple. go in to the Stillness of your own heart and Love, Love will be there without interruption, nor reservation. Seek with simple earnestness the cradling of a child's hope to belong; plunge in, and return Home.

big shifts are countless tiny shifts wending together, and arise from timely, daily acts of goodness. Kindness, generosity, and compassion braid together into life fabric fit for any of us. we are all welcome.

sit w/ this if you must. have a moment and breathe, in and out on behalf of your precious self and all of us, breathe more.

i have no idea why you're here but you are, and so am i and maybe we find in the meantime justice, and act with Love.

some details

lists arrive and i jot them down, to wit today:

  • see everything truthfully for exactly what it is. don't bullshit yourself (or any of the rest of us).
  • pause, reflect, notice, breathe a bunch of times and carry on...
  • see possibilities.
  • see everyone.
  • know that everything matters; behave accordingly.
  • assess continually and debrief yourself with ardour.
  • be blown away by how amazing it all is, and how rare it is to be alive.

so there we go. stuff we can do.

do, and be Love.

seems we can leave it there, and sign off for now,

with Love,

ps, don't sweat the small stuff

i know it's cliché but this just arrived: the little things are just tasks in the grand scheme. don't overthink. let your mind's eye grow as spacious as possible so as to see your true nature, and the full path Home. we are of, and reside in, Love.

yrs truly, All Love.


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