All Love asks is that we surrender totally and have it all.

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the ask

my goodness, you can have everything you ever wanted, every experience, every knowing, every Joy. just surrender, to the All Love that Is, that is our Creator, our Home, our Substance.

i used to think in my small mind that these turns of phrase were metaphors, substitutes for something that was probably real, convenient analogies that would lead me a few inches closer to my goal. of course no one asked, and i didn't ask even myself, trusting something inside instead, but my goal was Love, my goal was to get to, or get back to, Home. i know that now.

turns out too, that these words are not avatars for something True, they are Truth themselves.

we'll have to be tender w/ these words this evening.

All Love: the body and container of Everything; the most Joyful, compassion-filled parts of our selves; the core of our very own hearts; the enabler of our highest aspirations, the Divine connection that vanquishes all fear, instantly.

surrender: give yourself up to this All Love. say yes in your choosy self, to Love, to letting Love fill you and lead you and desire through you for its own realisation, and for everyone's re-communion w/ the Love that is all.

Is: the ubiquitous, constant, eternal, beyond time, Everything as it exists and be's in the present moment, in Now

Creator: we are not accidents; we are thoughts and hopes and dreams of All Love, we are expressions of tender sharing so that we can be in relations w/ All Love, and All Love w/ each of us, cherishing each of us for our precious unique expression of Itself, of Love in flesh and time

Home: where we return to and all is always safe.

Substance: we don't merely live inside a container known as All Love, we are literally comprised of that singular Truth. we are Love. all the carbon and movement and enlivening spirit that brings us to life, all are comprised of Love, as are our souls, minds, bodies.

fear: fear is a contorted spasm of energy, temporarily held in a tight self-attacking loop that catches us up like curling sneaker waves, or full-on deep-ocean tsunamis.


find your very own Heart.

our job is not linear, it's instantaneous.

come back to your practice over and over again, with sweet earnestness, and for your practice simply breathe, and say to All Love from your own heart "i Love You".

Repeat every chance you get, and make chances, show up hard to this task.

this is the sacred work that Sri Nisargadatta laid out for us, trip out on one simple notion: I Am.

this is what he meant. trip out on it b/c it's the key to everything, for once we know we Are Love, we are free, forever!! Time and trepidation get absorbed into the Loving Infinity and they can harm no more, for they too are Home.

we don't need to fix things, or manifest any particular substance or path, b/c there's nothing to manifest, b/c it's all already here. and, once you make the simple return to Love, you can do anything, b/c you are All Love.


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