I realize i am not a limited human being

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possibly related

finally again

so have been reading a book i'll get to later in this series; right now i'm trying to assimilate the shift, describe it back to my fading self in words so clear that i won't ever have to forget the magnitude of the Perfection we are part of.

and shift is the operative word, the do something about it word. it's the commitment we make, it's the stepping up, into, and across. across a hundred sacred tongues words have admonished us to choose.

i am able to cultivate the skill w/i me of seeing how precious and amazing everyone is.

i am better able to see God in everyone; and for semantics, God is Love. and I Am That.

Myth #1

that i am a limited human being, that i am my body, that i will end.

i cannot end, b/c i am Love, and Love is the substance of all infinity. how awesome is that?

Myth #2

that fear is simply the absence of Love. i used to think that, like last week. then reading, prayer, surrender and now i know different. yes Love and fear largely move in opposite directions, but it's a matter of scale that differentiates. diff that.

if one can understand w/ mind and senses that we live in a truly vast cosmos, billions of galaxies holding millions of trillions of stars holding down orbiting systems of planets, comets, and who knows what else. so we live in that enormity, and that enormity is comprised solely and entirely of Love. for real. it would be unwise to jest about that.

so we live within this immensity, and we are that immensity. we are not "separate"—or rather, that which differs is just the ego, a useful, temporary contrivance for grounding and centering ourselves during our early years. during the spiritual childhood of ripening before ascension, lots of illusions seem real. and that's okay. it gives us something to outgrow, something to compare against...

an interlude

so this is a real thing, this sweet secret, about Love and God, that we literally are all that.

was asked: "and if God is in you, you should start capitalizing your name..."

no, i just need to attribute (vi) correctly and often. not done w/ my ego, not fully evolve, nor realized.

myth #3

that you can figure it out.

no, all you can do is commit fully to Love. the rest is experience and whatever going through is our particular 'Life', this expression of All Love that we get to play out.

i am in a phase of accelerated ripening though, so i get to type down these words. my occupation at present is 'typist'. that makes me smile.

it's all too vast, that's part of what's rad about this whole thing. we get to take this one singular leap of trust and surrender into Love, and from there's it's this ever expanding vista of exploration and uncovering. Einstein said something when asked if he believed in God said he was so bust being in total awe and fascination about the universe that he studied so adroitly, that either he didn't need God, or God was already in everything. probably the latter, and anyhow, that's how i remember it.


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