i watch myself fall

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Q: how do you know it's accelerated and not happing 'as it's supposed to'?

marqpdx [6:15 PM] good question...

what Nis says is there’s a ripening. we show up to that earnestly every day, and it’ll happen, basically guaranteed, which is of course mad reassuring and brilliant.

so i feel i have been years on that ripening.

and then he says there’s the moment the fruit falls from the tree

the word i like is abscission (i hope that’s right), the moment of separation

the fall back toward the God that is All Love.

i feel like i am in the midst of beginning to fall

this tiny huge transition

a micro second of action

and i am beholding it in precious slow motion.


honestly, i don't know if i'm falling upwards or not.

the natural detachment of parts of a plant, typically dead leaves and ripe fruit–abscission

anyway, delve into your reality. don't take the patterns and habits you have sidled into to be the whole truth. there is more, much much more.

how do i know? b/c it is experienceable from the inside of you, me, each of us. it just is. that's the core miracle or our Creation. we are not mere lumps of semi-animated carbon, we are full beings of unconquerable Love.


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