i am curious about All Love, and grateful beyond description

the "All Love asks" collection:

  1. All Love asks
  2. All Love asks 2
  3. All Love asks mod version
  4. All Love asks, mod version part two
  5. All Love asks, mod version part three
  6. All Love asks, mod version part five
  7. All Love asks, mod version part four
  8. All Love asks, day three
  9. All Love asks, day three.1
  10. All Love asks, day three.2
  11. All Love asks, how

possibly related

the ask

Let's not tarry. All Love asks simply that we show up completely to the tasks of being alive, of being Love. we are to bring said Love to all beings on this tumbling round dice called Earth; as we roll through sky on our fertile home, let us trim blockers, let go (or sidestep) the obscurants that blind us like cataracts to our true Love nature; let us see again.

Things are different now, distinct; there's ubiquity going on. we do well to see each other, be awed at our connectedness. it is best we no longer hide about our Earth and the fragile eco-systems we inhabit. it would do us well to realize new ancient wisdoms each day... that everything is sacred, and everything matters.

to those of you in on this, this seeing ourselves as emissaries and warriors of Love, let us dedicate a great part of our individual and collaborative efforts to being kind, to being our Love, to smart stewardship and seven-generation enactments.

we will be earnest in our quest to be as loving as possible, an ineffable, rare chance we have to define our understanding that we come from All Love; we are diplomats of a new Earth, and Love is all we do, b/c for real what else; the time of fear has passed.

just do, and be, Love.


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