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the "All Love asks" collection:

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i leave these words here for my own behalf, b/c i fear i will forget, b/c i am a novice.

i am new to this moment of ripening, this Moment of Creation. this moment of falling into Love.

i am also inspired by the notion that it is a choice for me, to surrender or not, to fall or not or to cling...

and yes, of course it is easier to get 'there' when the friction is just right, the proper balance of stimuli and irritation, like sand in the oyster making pearls...

anyway, dear light workers, there is an opportunity at hand for each of us, to step up to a whole complete Truth every moment, that of All Love.

All Love is the Is of entirety, the Source and the Cause, and it is curious about what it's like to be alive as Love. that's where we come in.

we are the wishes of Love, the seeds strewn through the heavens to experience what living is like, what being a being of Light and Love is all about. Love created each of us so that more Love would exist, so that Love would exist not only as limitless infinity, but as form, heartened through w/ a consciousness that is our portal to re-experiencing w/ complete clarity the True nature of our birthright. We are Love, we are Light embodying form for a while to give the Vastness yet one more story to know about itself.

and, it is not simply a one way motion from Cause (Love) to effect (me, you, us), it is reciprocal. Love gets to, wants to, craves actually to be in relation w/ us, to know us and see through our eyes and heart the endless Beauty of what Is.

it comes to us and offers Everything of itself, not only this substance which we Are, but connection, communication, and fellowship.

in return, we let Love drive our bodyminds, let Love desire w/ and for us (all of us) rather than letting the bodymind's primal default fear for survival be to small S source of our motivation through the time of Life.

the opening

the opportunity at hand is to choose Love as our impetus, over ego. it is to recognize that tinkering, no matter how beautifully, with the details of these 3d and 4th dimension worlds we think we inhabit is a small part of what we are capable of. the energies that swirl and bind here on earth, the limited streams perseverating into themselves are only the tiniest fragment of Reality, and to view them as some complete representation of Life is to believe entirely that the illusion is the Real.

the Truth is so much vaster that it is not a matter of ten to one, or even a thousand. the difference is between something that will end, these body-based lives of ours, and something that is Infinite. the former is as an eddy in trickle of water dripping from a well-used washing machine, to all the water in the galaxy. even that is specious and fully incomplete.


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