Miscellaneous writing about life, now, paying attention, and ptsd, and the amazing projects i've shared with amazing people.

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outward from the Still Point, 08, Aug
I Am
dancing between the lions, 08, Aug
i am swirling but I Am not
between the lions, 08, Aug
i behold swirling
a day on earth, 08, Aug
i exist as me

outward from the Still Point

The journy in is reached, over and over again with each Breath.

From there, we have a magnificent universe that is ours to explore (not exploit). we must be humble citizens of the universe, traveling lightly while we peer into the stars and while we marvel at all Creation.

as ...

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dancing between the lions

So we have a circular, spiriling journey in, Home-ward, back to Love as Source and Light. The journey of needs.

The journey out is of Will and Joy, Co-Creativity and Exploration.

Good all that.

But what's the middle, and how do we get there?

1) the Middle is the ...

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between the lions

I have been struck recently by the earthly end of Michael Stone. He believed he needed (and maybe he did) the narcotic ease of street opiates, needed to try to calm the hurricanes inside him, and laced, the self-meds killed him, coma then a turning off the machines and bodymind ...

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a day on earth

It's really this simple.

We are Love. We access this Truth through the doorway that is our own Heart.

Love is the substance of this Universe, as are we.

There is a journey in back to one's own Heart that fulfills the most ancient yearning, to return Home ...

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All Love asks, how


there have been steps, along the earnest path, to where i am now, vastly more capable of seeing and knowing our true nature as Love than ever before.

  • study your desires and your needs; the former is woven in w/ each of our soul's reasons for being here ...
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