i am swirling but I Am not

So we have a circular, spiriling journey in, Home-ward, back to Love as Source and Light. The journey of needs.

The journey out is of Will and Joy, Co-Creativity and Exploration.

Good all that.

But what's the middle, and how do we get there?

1) the Middle is the present tense moment of eternal acceptance that We Are Love. it's an act of doing, Accepting and Arriving and of non-doing, Being Here Now.

2) we must become lighter. As such, we are less pushed around by other forces.

3) we must move ever slower until we can become Still. Bodyminds are not equipped to go the other direction, toward infinite speed, b/c we break up and disintegrate well befor reaching that omega. Hence, we have to find Stillness.

4) with Stillness and Lightness of being, we recognize, almost a priori, that quite simply, We Are. We Are, I Am, and it becomes equally apparent that whatever the substance of the Universe is, it's Good. It's not bad or neutral, it is Good, and since something of that magnitude isn't going to half ass anything, this Good is very Good, and you keep multiplying Goodness, squaring it, and it becomes the Ultimate Good, and that we name Love.

Do there it is, not a long journey on paper, and still we have the how... back w/ that in a momment.

OK, am back. Talked, breathed, contemplating water or tea... In the meantime, how?

How to get to this Still Point?

The surest way i've found to get there is to breathe with the most Loving heart you can manage every single moment.

Much will interfere with your success w/ that endeavor, and all of that becomes what we can call "needs". But knowing the core work, to Breathe Love (to be gently terse), the rest can be attended to in due course.

This is what many people miss; they (we) think the problems are perhaps insurmountable when rather they are emminently fixable given our skill and ingenuity. As well, people think these turmoils are Real, when they are temporary phenononeon, to which we can either give our attention and energy, or not. I'd rather not, for being temporary, they are practically illusions, like literally, from a practical standpoint, they can be regarded as fictions. As such, until we can come to a richer understanding, which comes after the Still Point, we can conveniently view them as illusions, conventient simply b/c it reminds us to go after what is Real, the Stillness of our own Heart in Awe w/ Love.

Next time, what doing is like outward from the Still Point [add Collection to these] as for what to do, we'll do that last time as for what to do, we'll do that next time


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