A Draft, Desire & Gratefulness

The semi-polished bits of a work in progress

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to start, 23, Dec
i am humble once again
this book’s point, 02, Dec
i appreciate brevity
rain, 30, Nov
i contemplate
a beginning, 29, Nov
i contemplate the journeys in to and out from our selves

to start


ok, latest update.

we are supposed to plunge in, that’s what we’re here for, or at least i am.

we get to choose the desires we want to plunge into, largely, to have agency and choice.

with practice, we can see them all, know self, and make ...

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this book’s point

The first three minutes

To get to the point of this book

  1. I want to be happy
  2. I want you to be happy
  3. I want Everyone to be happy.

To see that through we'll need way more Love in the world, Love everywhere, in each heartbeat within every one ...

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When the rain comes

When did you begin?


getting sharper

In case i forgot...

We are amazing creations, truly incredible. watch yourself breathe, say, or watch the blood flow under the skin of the top of your hands and follow it w/ your mind's eye through your entire ...

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a beginning

So i say

Here’s what it feels like I know... there is a journey in, where the needs of bodymind are paramount. We account for that.

This is a journey to the Stillpoint at the very center of our being.

We get to voyage to our own truest authenticity ...

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