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the "D&G The Book" collection:

  1. a beginning
  2. rain
  3. this book’s point
  4. to start

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The first three minutes

To get to the point of this book

  1. I want to be happy
  2. I want you to be happy
  3. I want Everyone to be happy.

To see that through we'll need way more Love in the world, Love everywhere, in each heartbeat within every one of us all the time, you, me, everyone we love, people we haven't met yet...


My conundrum, the one that gives this book a splash of juice is i want it all, All. i want to live in eternal bliss every moment, know peace in every cell, and at the same i want to experience the super-deep radness of being alive. i want to know the full tilt pandemonium of being vitally here, now on Earth as me!

We have to work past the horrors of course, we will, and i want to be and feel completely present every moment of every single second.


Desire of whatever magnitude is agent of change. it is current—electrical or riverine—that we encounter as we swim or float back Home, for desires propel us along. Otherwise we'd be ferns, which have been ferns for billions of years which is rad, but i'm not a fern.

Desires provide fuel, direction, suggestion, titillation, intrigue, pleasure fulfilled... at a cost of course, as long as one is only in it for themselves. We have choice.


I had to decide the order of the items above and i consciously decided that 'i' needed be the first subject, b/c i know that in order for me to have any hand in magnifying the Love we share on Earth i have to account for myself first.

I choose. Most desires are a choice, not mandatory, just saying. And when you choose not to opt in to a given desire, not to grasp onto it like clutching a pull-cord on a rope tow, you can still fully appreciate it, love it, behold it, see it and be grateful. you can have an experience of the desire w/o its having to be fulfilled, or you to fulfill it.


Maybe this is hubris, and maybe if my shit was stirred today and i were in crisis or triggered i would feel different. i would, and i can't write these words on post-nightmare days so i put them down now when safeness seems closer and space more abundant within. Bless.

i breathe all day long, meditate, pray, walk, say thanks, and still there's this itch, an unquenchable curiosity to peer over the edge and stare, and just often enough to plunge deeper into the mysteries, accepting whatever shall come.

Bodymind i cherish and care for daily and this longing for wild is only partly on my own behalf b/c i don't believe myself to be that individually significant. Only when i magnify the space around me, let dissolve the illusive edges of what i call 'i' and instead be just Love like a wave is made of sea... when i do that and not ego and still want to plunge in, i plunge in on behalf of All Love too, b/c All Love is infinite and perfect and can only experience the fascinating contours of temporary embodied lives through me, through each of us.

We are created b/c Love wants to share, wants more Love and that is us. I live big in part so Love won't miss out on something incredible.

How (working hypothesis)

  1. See God in Everything
  2. Know yourself as Love
  3. Live your desires and cause no harm.

and/or, Love and do what you will.


This book is my attempt to put down what makes most sense for pulling that off, for being crazy happy, for experiencing life on earth in incredible diversity with huge passion.

The key is we all need to go there, to bliss and All Love; i can't have it for my own self unless we all can so i have work to do—lots and graciously, i accept. Part of that work is this book, part is clearing away bad things, part is mad humility, and part is just being kind, especially when no one is looking.


That quest roots this writing so a few starting points, definition and ideas. Do yourself first, then a task, to see that everyone comes out ahead, feels Loved and is glad to be alive. It may take years, weeks, or lifetimes, and still we show up to it.

We need to look at this together, with our own collective discernment, for while i penned the first words of this work, we all need to chime in, in how we live our everyday lives. we're all needed to think, and do, and feel b/c the topic involves all of us, our children, parents, and everyone we love. It is about rising to challenges facing humanity, we, Earth's most creative and voracious denizens.

We are amazing

We can do better. We can act with more Love, compassion, and kindness than we already do. i know i can and i'm already trying really hard.

This book is about personal happiness and planetary evolution and that's on us, people, humans, b/c animals and plants are un-changingly chill yet we are changing. we change inside, and we change stuff on the outside every day with our hands and thoughts. sometimes we go too far.


This book is about re-aligning ourselves, over and over again as daily practice and ritual with All Love, and about living accordingly. It's about asceticism or renunciation; rather, it's prudence and celebration, mourning and diving in to experience compassionately what it is to be alive in the sunlight of All Love.


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