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the "D&G The Book" collection:

  1. a beginning
  2. rain
  3. this book’s point
  4. to start

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When the rain comes

When did you begin?


getting sharper

In case i forgot...

We are amazing creations, truly incredible. watch yourself breathe, say, or watch the blood flow under the skin of the top of your hands and follow it w/ your mind's eye through your entire body, behold metabolism in action...

Life is rad. Being amazing is rad!

I get, deeply that it's hard initially to figure this out; sometimes it's decades. that is this book, an attempt to help me, and anyone else, on the journey.

there is ease

Be hearkened that it is not strenuous to sustain once found, this inhabiting Love as baseline for our entire lives. It's not hippy or shallow, it's scientific and well tested.

Be wary those who will distract us from these observable truths. they are only 'truths' b/c they are self-verifiable—they are accessible so you can ascertain their literal veracity simply by curious, contemplative, and bold self-inquiry.

You have tools, breath. You are in the river already as it hurtles along by gravity to sea, we all are, returning by heart to All Love.

Come to know your own heart, know its backside and its beating pulse, and nurture that gift like you would the last match.

Nurture life, and as CJ Jung said, "Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes."

I am reminded to incubate All Love and let that be what i offer out as energy to the whole universe, every time i do anything but be completely Still. all action has consequence, own it, debrief, and be more loving still the next time. simple that...

flight pattern

To circle back, being amazing is possible even in small doses, and the surest path i have found in eons of seeking is through the heart, by becoming as close to Love as possible. young children know this without prompting, so it is not arcane or unreachable. we just forget, accept ignorance.

it may only esoteric b/c it is often deemed too powerful to let into general circulation, so only those curious enough will have access, but the time for that is past and we enter an age for each person must stand up and become ever more accountable for the output of all their exertions. It's crucial enough that i can only impress or admire myself so much as i do good in the world, and then i don't even need to.

Lead w/ your Heart.

I stop writing at this point b/c it's all been said, though dang, it's fun to write.

Love, m


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