i am humble once again

the "D&G The Book" collection:

  1. a beginning
  2. rain
  3. this book’s point
  4. to start


ok, latest update.

we are supposed to plunge in, that’s what we’re here for, or at least i am.

we get to choose the desires we want to plunge into, largely, to have agency and choice.

with practice, we can see them all, know self, and make decisions.

that's about it. there's lots of details, but there's our roadmap.


In the next section i will wax poetic and shit about stuff, be suspicious.

I know so little, but i appreciate the heck out of what i do.

And humility, that is requisite. I don't know. Figure it out for your self, that's your job. devote your awareness to becoming more aware.

Bleh, have i anything to say

you're busy, or you wouldn't be here. unless you're mad evolved, in which case show us chill, Stillness, please.

this is a trying time, stasis is far away, change is prevelant.

so we deal, we adapt. we gather information about this present moment b/c all else save supplicant prayer is distraction. Be rad.

Notice, glean, cull, use. Deploy what you know to be a warrior of Love, b/c you can, b/c you matter, and b/c it's epic to do so.

In the meantime, we wrestle w/ other desires, some dark-seeming, but we're in it together so we examine and share Light with fear and ignorance of Love.


Words don't matter, it's doing that counts

unless you count words as thoughts and thoughts as action, and by action i mean motive force, in which case everything is fair game.

doubt addressed, let go, carry on.

update, some questions

in case you're looking for something to do

  1. plunge in.
  2. go wherever there’s a spark of reciprocity from All Love
  3. ask All Love why and what am i supposed to do next?
  4. ask how can i love better?, like way way better?
  5. how can i appreciate all this more grandly?
  6. how can i make All Love proud of me (cheesy but way true)


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