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As we venture into the slipstream, together, what do we find? What is it that exists for us to discover, when in earnest humbleness we ask, what? what now God? what can i do on behalf of All Love?

That's what i ask on a good day, at my high water marks—when my humility matches my passion—when Love supercedes all.

But really, is that my best? And really, in the end, is it my Love?

It Just Is

Love, that is, just Is, in real time, now and forever, b/c it's eternal, immutable and simply here, extant, now, everywhere. Thank You. Bless.

What if, hypothetically, next time i get something i really want, i get down on my knees and exault to All Love my Gratefulness for such Kindness bestowed in my direction?

electricity towers

To have a day where Love is visible, where pain is yards away, where ones i hold dear are close—bopping their way through their own version of reality... To be not pining away in ICU or nursing-home or some shithole motel in some painful city too far from anywhere safe... that is Grace on a bad day. That is Grace on a good day too.

How can i do anything but hurl myself into mother earth and give thanks that Life is not worse, and bless w/ my tears that i can still smell flowers and feel, that i can still dance, even on a rainy day, and still know the sweet press of the sun's warmth to my upturned face...?

Is that not enough? Is not the rest but desire unfulfilled, and nothing more?

I was thinking of conditions...

  • it could be that i don't get what i want
  • it could be that i get what i want, but i didn't ask for it
  • it could be that i get what i want, but i did ask for it

That's amazing.

What now, God?

Love? OK. Plunge in, to Love, with Love and swim strong, run fast and breathe deep.

And then report back, what it's like to be you.

Six more details to come. One day. Maybe.

Bless, m


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