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the "All Love asks" collection:

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i was reading, and more on that later, that words can be important, which i liked of course, b/c i like words, and i want to be of good use to Love while i'm alive.

so as i noted in the last but one part we can look at some of these things that have guided us in a new Light.

what before had seemed literary has become scientific. we're just recording facts here. we're not just love, we're literally comprised of All Love, substance of all the galaxies and more.

and, that substantiation is not passive, it is alive, and we are given constant communion w/ all of All Love, all of it!!! that's brilliant, and it's designed that way. that's the whole point, that you and i get to come to know in our lifetimes that we Are Love. seriously, brilliant.

take this by Maulana Jalal al-Din Muhammad Rumi, aka Rumi, Islamic scholar of the 13th century, tripping out hard in Persia, basically contemporary Iran, and he throws down w/ these few words:


“Love is the bridge between you and everything.”

Rumi was rad, which is obvious. i used to read those words of his as fiction, as allusion, a hint, and maybe that's the Beauty of it, that those few words can mean more than that, b/c yes, a bridge is a good metaphor in the story we tell ourselves of having to journey towards Home. we now know, or i do, that this is not the case. it's an instantaneous ripening; more on that later.

so not only is that quote by Rumi grand inspiration, it's good hard science. Literally, Love is that bridge. Love is literally that which allows us to cross from the temporary scarcity and fear of thinking that i am and we are just this, these tiny short lives in these infinitesimally small (but oh so incredible and beautiful) bodyminds.


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