All Love is so pleased to see us again.

the "All Love asks" collection:

  1. All Love asks
  2. All Love asks 2
  3. All Love asks mod version
  4. All Love asks, mod version part two
  5. All Love asks, mod version part three
  6. All Love asks, mod version part five
  7. All Love asks, mod version part four
  8. All Love asks, day three
  9. All Love asks, day three.1
  10. All Love asks, day three.2
  11. All Love asks, how

possibly related

the gift

my goodness, we are so Blessed. our innate and True state is so Beautiful and we are Beloved of that which gave us life. We are so cherished we have no idea, cherished exactly as we are.

we get to be not only the substance All Love, but we get to be in communion with the actual Is of All Love. like a personal relationship. this is all the stuff Jesus taught, Jesus not the "church" that has tried but failed to obliterate his message of Love.

this isn't new, nor is it abstract or out there. in fact, it's a "finding" common to hosts of religions and faiths over human history.

i just found this, Rumi: O my God, make me love You, make me love those who love You, make me love all things that bring me closer to loving You. O my God, make me love You, and Your angels, and Your prophets, and all of Your creation. O my God, make my love for You dearer to me than myself, and my family, and my wealth, and my children, and from cool, pure water to the thirsty.

and tbh, i basically have not much to say, b/c do this, this surrender, this plunging into Love.


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