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ankle almost healed, bless that. bodymind mending... how miraculous.

the promise is, w/ this All Love adventure, that we will transcend the aches and breakdowns of these nerve and sinew vessels we inhabit for this short precious span.

i tripped on this before about how i used to think of stuff as fiction when now i knew it as science. well, this is one of the instances where i'm still on the fiction side.

i still can't get how we will have so much mastery over our flesh that even these bodies of ours won't wear out.

which brings to mind a quote i overheard hours before i succumbed to sudden gravity on wet ice, broke my ankle, 4 weeks, and 3 days ago, crutches still, sitting in the lobby of the Adventist Hospital, awaiting 11am, when side salads go on sale for $3, the most alive food of my week. so 70 minutes for a fall of my own, i overheard some large-bodied humans remind one another that "the mind makes promises that the body can't keep."

that's where i'm stuck, but one of my friends isn't; she's farther along this reunion road than i, and she gets the notion that our bodyminds one day won't wear out, won't feel pain, won't suffer, b/c that is the true vision of All Love, that we don't merely survive to learn hard lessons over and over again, but that we thrive, that we enliven All Love as living embodiments of the True and Only Matter there is.

i can understand that All Love loves us that much, that it would never want us to suffer ever; that much makes sense, and i guess, following on from that, it's still logical that All Love would want us to not feel pain or sadness in our bodies, but rather enjoy most heartily living in that very same flesh and blood, safely and with full exuberance.

this is where we meet up again w/ St Augustine of Hippo, who enjoined us to Love, and do what you will. there's the free scope we get once everyone is reunited w/ All Love.

until then, work to do, willingly and with great gladness, b/c to serve Love as emissary is a gift of the profoundest Kindness, and to that task i lean in with gratefulness.


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