These words aren't mine.

the "All Love asks" collection:

  1. All Love asks
  2. All Love asks 2
  3. All Love asks mod version
  4. All Love asks, mod version part two
  5. All Love asks, mod version part three
  6. All Love asks, mod version part five
  7. All Love asks, mod version part four
  8. All Love asks, day three
  9. All Love asks, day three.1
  10. All Love asks, day three.2
  11. All Love asks, how

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as part of your noticing practice, peruse these words with full attention ("mindfully") and w/ your brain's heart (or your heart's brain) hear the cadence of Love. listen as openly as you are able, and feel the words. the ones that speak to your heart come from All Love. the rest are my maladroit attempts to document the sweet far edges of what i perceive and understand.

the act noted before of surrender is just that, a giving up of my will for Love's, a relinquishing of my small-body/small-mind desires for those of All Love. in so doing i am replace by the collective preciousness of Love. how awesome is that.

with it go my fears and self-doubts, those confining constructs of thought and energy that entrap me for eons in flesh-bound patterns of recidivism, perseverating over and again through cycles that go nowhere and make no sense. fear is like that, hard as fuck to break, but lame, very small, and thankfully temporary.


yay for that, for real. i have a reminder on my calendar for 11:03am every third day, with a single question: "are you fearless yet?" great store i place in that, b/c fear is lame, for real, weak and capable of terrifying yes, it's greatest claim to fame, but fuck that. plus it's small anyway inside a knowing of All Love. fear is a tiny wisp of mangled energy that misses the Light of Love upon its edges, and its heart.

so what do i do all day, when i'm in this All Love state? i exist moment by moment in this crazy state of awareness, waiting simply for guidance as to what to do w/ the next few moments of my Life. i still do earthly tasks, dishes or taxes say, but they are tiny relics within a Vastness so Beautiful that their nature becomes at once small, and perfect at the same.

so i am as Still as possible, or i'm doing. when i'm doing, i try to have it be Love's wishes playing out through me rather than ego's small efforts to meet tiny, temporary gains. sometimes i rest, but always i am in Awe, meaning i know that i am within a Vast, compassionate Whole that blesses my mere existence, and is glad i am alive.

when i do, i do with Grace and curiosity, with passion and ease, for all i can do is bring to All Love the raw experience of "doing Love". Love needs us for that, in form, and Love is so grateful for our existence, for our showing up to these messy, sometimes way painful dimensions of sight and sound, time and the fellowship of humankind. Love needs us to experience that; that's our job, and the choice of how is entirely ours. we can devote our whole Heart to whatever earthly enterprise comes our way, or can try like a kid beating back the tides of a galaxy of oceans with a rolled-up piece of inexpensive paper.


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