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dear LightWorker

what you want

what do you desire? where does that or those desires come from? has it been there forever? are desires attainable, satiable, or not?

one practice i like is to meditate simply on I Am. Breathe in and breath out and meditate on I Am, I Am... and as you contemplate or explore that maxim, I Am, you can almost imagine climbing down a beanstalk of cloud-touching heights, toward the root see of those desires. study them, with kindly curiosity, explore that powerful aspect of yourself.

do not expect the fleshy vines of your desires to be your whole self, nor to reveal much Truth at all. we're still working in the realms of these 3d and 4th dimensions, those of space (3d) and time (4th). we are getting to the root of these desires b/c desires exert a strong demand for our time, and it's up to us and our Loving discernment to choose which wants to pursue, and which to let lie fallow.

we are not captives to our desires, as strong as some may seem. there are ways past the whole knotted entanglement of desires mindlessly stoked, coddled, and fed.

we need a clear mind for LightWork, and desires are apt to occlude Love from our clear and easy sight.


Free up space [[[[]]]]

Why do you even want that? you can even ask yourself as you paw over the fabric of your raw desires. why do i even want this? you can ask w/ often astonished incredulity. dang, young'un (no matter how old) you want that? then put it down if you can, that desire, feed it no more, attend to it no more w/ your mind or your body and it will grow smaller.

do that and make space within.


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