i hope to simplify

the "Desire & Gratefulness" collection:

  1. soulwork 101
  2. what is peril
  3. home within, a flowchart
  4. roadmap
  5. desires...

possibly related

quite simply

it feels like i'm getting closer to the StillPoint, like not just for visiting, but for dwelling in perpetuity.

OK, tbh, when i write about this it's a high water mark, a distillation of zillions of daily moments of practice—breathing, noticing, grounding, cultivating strength.

Ouf, that's good stuff.

fewer words

ok, mere whatever.

  1. we are Blessed
  2. it can get better
  3. we have power, to shift things, in our favor
  4. the audacity to do just that is hard to come by, and will be fought again by powers that be. fuck them.


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