Wherein i explore the journing in, and anticipate the journey out.

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So here’s what it feels like I know.

There is a journey in, where the needs of bodymind are paramount.

This is a journey to the Stillpoint at the very center of our being.

This journey is a voyage to our own truest authenticity, to that truthfulness that pleases All Love to the utmost, for we are photons of All Love’s emanating Grace. We are wavelets upon the Ocean of Purest Truth. We are precious precisely b/c no one else can inhabit the same here and now as we do right now. We have the sacred opportunity to live in honour of All Love.

The journey in is not only meeting needs, b/c that can be arduous and long. It is also about creating enough space so that more than needs can exist—if not Joy and Exaltation, then perhaps Awe and Contentment.

So we journey in, largely meeting needs, practicing the art of making sacred space within ourselves to behold the Beauty of all Creation. We practice dissolving the false bonds that imprison up needlessly in realms of suffering. We suffer, we inflict, b/c we live still within time. We live elsewhen from the now, in the past, the future—in memories or hopes.

Eventually, with mere earnest effort, we will ripen. It may be a slowly unfurling sonata of moments of falling perfected from the tree; it may be once and for always. But breathing and earnest devotion each day to the task of becoming is all that is needed to guide yourself toward true and lasting happiness. For real.

I do have skin in the game, though. I am not dis-interested. It is incumbent upon me from birth to work assiduously while I can for the awakening of each of us, awakening away from suffering and to Love, to be precise. I hope these words encourage you in similar exertions, b/c each of us must step up, as best we can, with fullest heart; and breathe. The rest will follow natural, with virtually no effort.

That unfurling, of the precious rest—whatever is to Lovingly be—will perhaps be accompanied by a host of melodious trumpets, or maybe wild stillness. But know, it is at hand. It is now, all around each of us, constantly and all the time, for we live in All Love just as fish and plankton live in the sea.

So breathe in and out with sweet, curious earnestness, at least once every day. Really love yourself for a few breaths, a few self-kind moments, on behalf of all of us. Thirty seconds, and then you can get on w/ your journey. And come back anytime, to breathing in and breathing out. You’ll see :-)

And out again

The journey out is one of delightful desire, with consequence, and know too, a modest burst of energy, your particular hustle will outwit the chaos long enough to have a really sweet time being alive here on Earth.

Simply that.

Love, and be Love.

Be Love, and Love.

Love, and do what you will.

Details, yes. What do I do now that I’ve reached the Stillpoint.

OK, I can field this question. First, breathe. Then find a way to stand or sit tall, and breathe again. Make just that first bit of inner spaciousness, and take a look around. Where are you? Who’s at hand? What is due? and so on. Take stock of the moment and the situation.

Then consult your own base, your lower spine and root chakra. Consult it in stillness and in strength. Be patient. Listen.

Then proceed, slowly (unless speed is called for) and with an open, loving Heart.

This section is short by design. My job is to see to the inception, the birth and first moments—the Bright Mother and the first three seconds after the big bang. Plus the thought before, my goodness how amazing is that!?

When did you begin?


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