i hope to clarify for my own sake

the "Desire & Gratefulness" collection:

  1. soulwork 101
  2. what is peril
  3. home within, a flowchart
  4. roadmap
  5. desires...

to be clear

there are at least n levels of desire


this is small d desire, and it corresponds to the ongoing needs of the bodymind. this includes lower chakra stuff like food, sex, refulgence, dancing, and the like. this is divine and lovely stuff, but much of what we think we need—much of what we let ourselves desire—is pointless. we can shed it like so much bullshit, manure at least to help something better grow in its place.

according to smart people, 90-ish % of these can be discarded w/ a simple effort of will, breath, and concentration. for real.

so there's that's trimming, and yay for it.

there will remain a swath of desires left that need to be attended to. this can be very broad, but let it be as un-deep as possible. we want to spend as little time here as possible, at least until we figure out the bigger d's, and then we are welcome to play however we wish.


this is a smaller cohort, a more rarified by a factor of 13 say, or 90, whatever, less common and more inchoate, these Desires have been around, largely, since we were little people, young here on Earth in these particular bodyminds.

these are important, i believe. i believe that Desires are why we are here. they are the primal force that caused our particular bodyminds to form out of stardust and will into these bodies of ours, into which souls can inhabit for a lifetime of exploration.

so these Desires of ours, you're saying, have been around since the inception of this protoplasm we embody? sure, why not, we need a common theory for exploring these realms, like we need backpacks and sturdy shoes.

so figure these out, these Desires of yours, so you can plunge in.

plunge in you must, b/c otherwise these Desires sit on a siding unwanted and unseen, and they rot, and that's less than our best.


This is the cornerstone of the whole project known as us, you, me, each human being entrusted w/ the sacred task of being alive. There may be one or two of these, i haven't determined. They are, as far as i can tell as of this writing, the Desire to know and share All Love, and the Desire to return Home, that is, to end this journey called this lifetime back into the heart and permanence of All Love.

"so we fight back and push ourselves into the void with an endeavour to be some kind of positive, Loving representative of the Divine, and hope for the best."

humbly submitted,


just me.


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