i explore the journing in, and anticipate the journey out.

possibly related

breathe, even when it's windy

most likely, this form of instability will not last indefinitely, b/c that is the nature of changing'ness

what it is forcing me to do is ground in right now, and do my best to make sure right now is solid, and Love-connected, and true.

ike soulwork of its kind, expansive af, but fastened on heading toward All Love, like Shayne and Spirits and good things are connected with these endeavors

b/c one blessing is that tina is being super gracious toward you, much less “needy” than i am about her friend, like she sincerely wants you to be happy and feel Loved.

it’s super sweet actually.

and tina just finished the apprenticeship w/ Shayne, and her dad just died which opened big channels for her.

so blessings are not un-rife at the moment for each of us, and that is where i am trying to reside each day that we get

and give less creed and time to the past and to the myriad possibilities of what may come.


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