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dear LightWorker

on urgency

This one is worth spending a wee bit of time on.

First, does the sense of urgency every occur in you? Do you ever feel urgent, about life or tasks or worries?

What then is this phenomenon?

Some ideas:

  • urgency is Time based - for something to feel urgent, it must exist in a time-mediated and time-bound construct
  • urgency includes the possibility of catastrophe – that could be seen as a hyperbolic statement but to my nervous system at least, and my brain, once something gets 'urgent' it means there is a shortage of time
  • with a perceived shortage of time, my bodymind responds quickly and correctly. bodymind's core mission is to survive, so that soul, mind, Heart, and body itself can both live to struggle another day, and live to experience the Abundant Joy of Creation as often as possible.

So my first suggestion is to take urgency with a healthy dose of skepticism. Practice this, noticing your times of feeling urgent, or rushed, or inadequate, b/c that is a form of urgency. To feel inadequate means one does not have enough time to prepare for the moment. There are often multiple forces and pressures hosing you along the sidewalk so you lose balance and smash into fire hydrants and chain-link fences.

Urgency breeds fear, b/c the bodymind's primary charter is being directly threatened—that of the end of time. If bodymind is to live, dynamically and in the Now, anything where we are bound in time, and time is being threatened with extinction, it's a terrible place to exist.

So dear LightWorker, we do well to study ourselves anew in this light, in light of our urgencies and really decide which ones you will keep. Which ones are Real enough that they are worth doing.

It's not always—in my experience—work that yields immediate resolution, but it does yield immediate gain. once we even begin to question our beliefs in the necessity of our own urgencies, the weaker their hold on us becomes. The more we notice, with an open and unprejudiced Heart, the more we see those earthly fears as movies projected on a wavering, dissipating fog.

Sending Love,

Always, m


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