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dear LightWorker

there is an opportunity at hand for each of us to step up to a whole complete Truth every moment, that each of us is Love, and that All Love is Everything.

Name it what you will, but there is an Is'ness, a Vastness that is the substrate of this and every universe.

All Love is the Is of entirety, the Source and the Cause, and it is curious about what it's like to be alive as Love. that's where we come in.

we are the wishes of Love, the seeds strewn through the heavens to expereience what living is like, what being a being of Light and Love is all about. Love created each of us so that more Love would exist, so that Love would exist not only as limitless infinity, but as form, heartened through w/ a consciousness that is our portal to re-experiencing w/ complete clarity the True nature of our birthright. We are Love, we are Light embodying form for a while to give the Vastness yet one more story to know about itself.

and, it is not simply a one way motion from Cause (Love) to effect (me, you, us), it is reciprocal. Love gets to, wants to, craves actually to be in relation w/ us, to know us and see through our eyes and heart the endless Beauty of what Is.

it comes to us and offers Eveything of itself, not only this substance which we Are, but connection, communicion, and fellowship.

in return, we let Love drive our bodyminds, let Love desire w/ and for us (all of us) rather than letting the bodymind's primal default fear for survival be to small S source of our motivation through the time of Life.


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