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dear LightWorker

what remains?

after much work excavating your desire fields, after discarding as many as you can as not worth your time and attention, you may find you are left with large D Desires, remnants from our very birth, expanding, entropic, muscly bundles of fiber, wants, needs, and cravings mixed together. these are more effort to deal with, to snip away at, to prune; let go or plunge in.

[[beware Judging]]

infinite singularity

Here's an explanation of what it is being me right now, this profound state of groundedness and Love that is nearly constant any more. These are not concepts any more, or avatars, or allegory. They are literally, scientifically Real for me. I believe the Real is so for everyone who can push back their own darkness, with generous self-kindness, to see Light.

Being me, i am still i, this tiny pinpoint singularity in the vastness of infinity, yet i am intensely valuable, real, precious, and utterly distinct. i am i.

being a singular point, i am without mass, and hence there is nothing not to Love about myself. That's new and huge for my bruised nervous system and bodily home.

I am that, and, and i am All Love; i am not so much comprised of matter, but i Am, I Am all matter everywhere, I Am all carbon, every planet and star, every drop of water in all the oceans across every galaxy. I Am all substance, and infinitely more.

words—bless them—dim the Magnificence, so i will demur, i am pinprick singular and i am infinite—that's what it feels like to be me. it's incredible by innumerable factors and quantum levels from the limited human being i used to know and consider myself to be.

so that's awesome. now, what arose for me as i was sketching this out in words, is that our ego mind creates about us this fuzzy orb of (very) small 'm' me-ness, this knotty tiny world that we, in our illusion, believe is the extent of our entire universe, our "world".

i used to be this way, to let my thoughts and fears puff and expand to fill this orb until it claimed to be all i could ever know. but i always knew there was more, the universe of Love we inhabit and embody; i knew it but couldn't say or enliven that felt-belief until much practice and time had passed.

the crazy screaming of my fears colliding w/ perseverating survival thoughts generated a cloud that was so dense and almost smoggy that i couldn't see beyond it; i floated in this infinitesimal bubble and called it everything, until one by one Grace pricked at the illusion and i could see Love everywhere. we are all meant to know this.


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