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dear LightWorker


Desire then, is external. It is not the bubble of fuzzy smog and mist we create for ourselves w/ our ego minds, nor is it a seed drive like Curiosity. Rather Desire of any stripe is external, and eddy of roiling energies we blend w/ for a time. we may get tossed and smashed by the force of any given Desire, we may get crushed or we may get carried along—if to conclusion that Desire can be met, and spent and left behind, while Desires unmet remain close, until resolved. Just know, and do your best w/ that information.


Needs, i've decided, almost a priori, are what our bodyminds require to live well and safely. the latter can never be guaranteed, at least not small 's' safety, but living well is at hand for many of us, and the key is to use that precious gift as a striding toward the Still Point amid each of us. This Still Point is the pivot of our own Hearts, and from there we are Free forever and beyond.

Needs, ouf, i have special reverence for needs—the bodymind's foot-soldiers in trying to provision a life that was not deadly and all dire. Bodymind wants only to feel ease and strength, to create more Love, and to explore the sweet hidden gardens of what Is.

Needs are the journey in to Still Point, the sometimes strenuous work of introspection and self-advocacy, agency brought to bear on behalf of the one human being we get to be, so, ideally, we can help others get back Home.

May your needs be well met, and i'll always work to help you get there.

The miracle of all This is for each of us to experience, Please prays Love, Yes, and Now.


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