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dear LightWorker

keep breathing

just that, with curiosity and sweet self-kindness. lean into that kindness, and watch the warmth inside blossom over and over again your compassion for all beings.

that is the practice for today. what we're looking for with this is spaciousness, inner spaciousness where your thoughts don't crowd you b/c the arena they are playing out in is way vaster than they are. in tough times, thoughts fill and demand at times even all mind-space. we have, until we surrender and expand, limited mind-space. it is ego-based, brain driven, beautiful stuff, but only so many thoughts can fit into a mind at any one time.

a couple of keys there: any one time. this is a time-bound noticing along the road to Timelessness. it's an expedient, a convenience to do this earthly work, so we can better serve each other and ourselves.

mind-space is where thoughts live; it getting crowded adds challenges that take up mind-space to attend to, and more of that with a corkscrewing tenacity.

let the words serve our work.

lean in

lean in to self-kindness, get better at it, let it be mulch for good works you do naturally, richly, and with gratefulness. for this is our work, to do good works simply because.

to recap

we now have a small set of core practices; we have breathe, love, and notice (as part of discernment), and keep breathing.

this allows good works, doing to occur, also naturally, with you as a Light Worker are primed for. Yet we need to start w/ non-doing, otherwise there isn't enough room to properly embody our most amazing self. that too is our job.


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