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dear LightWorker

###The effort of non-doing

We have work to do, dear ones. Our primary task is to fully realise our True Nature as Love, in communion w/ All Love.

Old maxims make new sense: "Do nothing, yet leave nothing undone" reminds us that our Stillness, to become present only Now, is the path to Totality. Until we are clear w/ our Still Point, our exertions churn up muck that obscures. Breathe deep, and slow.

Keep breathing.

And this: "Love, and do what you will." Until this afternoon by the sea, i used to think that was two, three verbs, which is brilliant for a six word sentence. "Love", "do", and "will".

What if, however, St. Augustine of Hippo was pointing us in a different direction. What if he was stathing Love the noun, Love the infinite Now, Love the source of all Moments of Creation. Love, the noun. Love, almost as if he was pointing at the sun and saying Life.

Love does not encompass us b/c we are not separate. As LightWorkers, we do well to explore what we think of as our edges. What are they really? Are they fixed contructs or temporary smokeless torches illuminating what our body, soul, and mind feel as endless darkness. yes, the tiny room we create with our fears and momentums—memories and otherwise—that tiny room is pitch black, devoid of Light. Hence Light. seek Grace and ask her to bestow upon you a moment's Notice of the Entirety of All Love.


Breathe, as spaciously as possible.

Create spaciousness between each breath and explore it w/ your curious mind and your wisest soul. We all have those two traits. Explore the notion, I Am, I Am, Love. I Am Love. Let the words blur into sounds and vibrations occuring outside the purview of words, just let yourself experience the vast Love that is right there for you when you do this. It is yours, and has always been yours. It Is You.

So brilliant that. Would love to hear your thoughts on that exploring. We've set up a space to converse online at Mindful Brilliance.

Sending Love, m


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