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dear LightWorker

what to do?

From the StillPoint, we observe.

This may spawn a few sections for it seems so pivotal to our discussions.

The general notion for this line of thinking is that there is a journey inward, to know self, and along the way our first order of bodymind business—if you are what i would call 'ordinary', which is how i see myself—is that we attend to our needs. Needs are largely for, and of the bodymind, and they are legit. Being "needy" is part of having a bodymind here on earth, so that's okay. Needs can be studied along many axes, but you get the idea.

The journey in has signposts such as Breathe, Notice, Create Space [we need a verb for this, Enspacion]. It involves self-inquiry and a very steady, respectful, honest relation w/ bodymind. Til this is in order, nothing will flow easily.

Learn to now your body's truth, and watch your mind with almost playful compassion. mind thinks it knows so much but, but...

just Notice.

The journey in can take lifetimes, and it can't be done urgently, except when life or limb is in imminent danger. practice the yogas, breathe and go within to hear what your body needs, listen to the interpretations your mind concocts and help it become more discerning, specifically about the signals it is processing each moment, sensations, never firings, new thoughts, memories, clues and hints in abundance. one must notice with great space born of patience, cobbled together between metabolising, surviving, breathing in and breathing out.


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