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dear LightWorker

Desire, delight and Yes, and...

w/ Desires, yes, and.

know them, play w/ them, explore them, plunge in yes, and know them.

and know where they come from and what they are, notice how they are comprised, what they are, and who you are.

Yes, and... Love, and...

we must make some decisions

i am all for anarchy, though i see patterns everywhere. there are decisions to be made and one of the basic ones for me has been the witnessing of ego as a creation of mind; as such, it will pass.

as such, to invest huge energies into the machinations of ego seems folly, especially since it leads to entanglements it is hard to get true Joy out of, b/c when we limit our purview to the far reaches of the fuzzy bubble we have often believed in of the ego inside the mind, we are truly boxed in, trapped really, and the only escape is death. Or, as i believe, we have power to see to the dissolving of the ego illusions, and you will be well surprised what Is beyond that scrim. it is, dear LightWorkers, what you have been longing for most deeply, the Home of All Love.

So out-hustle your ego mind till even that small play is no longer needed. go Big, seek Love and you will be reunited.

You can still dance and fuck and eat and make merry, please, b/c Love wants these bodies of ours to be lived in and loved, explored and cherished, understood and extended ever deeper into our Magnificence.

The one cornerstone is that we cannot fully plunge into that exploring of the vast Amazingness of all Creation until everyone knows Love again.

Until then, everything will keep being interrupted w/ carbuncles of suffering erupting about the planet, fears racing in torrents under eaves and into bed rooms and board rooms where decisions are made and actions taken that simply causc pain and darken the veil even more. we can do much much better than that, and that is our task, to bring Light continually from All Love through our own Heart.

Yes, and.

Love, and.

Gratefully, m


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