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dear LightWorker

on being Curious

Curiosity as a twin driving force w/ the desire to return Home to Love.

So i had this glimpse that Curiosity is the twin core drive that we possess as humans. The first is the Desire to return Home to Love, the babe crawling up mama's belly to the beaming breast to sup in Beloved surrender. we all want that; it's innate.

But that force is not enough, for Love desires to know itself in ever new ways, and we are the wild cards, the specially endowed creations that have the capacity to behave in ways that even All Love itself cannot predict. All Love requires the fascinating, unpredictable unfurling of each of us coming to know ourselves as Love, literally Love, in order to know it self more.

Our return Home to Love's e'er open embrace is Love's greatest Joy; in the meantime, we are endowed with a second drive, that of Curiosity, the drive to know what is unknown, and to experience what has never been experienced before.

That takes us everywhere, to view and travel to the farthest reaches of Creation, and into the most convoluted alleyways of our inner worlds. It brings us to desire the to know one another, and to know the nature of the flowers and the seas.

Curiosity is a seed given to each of us so that we would direct our selves via Will into every possible vector of all This.

We tunnel and glide and soar through the heavens and highlands both, we burrow and rocket and dance into pools of spacetime that have never been touched by a single soul of humanity ever before.

And Love knows too, that our curiosity to know our selves, which comes for each of us when quiet is companioned to action, when we become bigger than just doing or wanting and allow ourselves to perceive past the senses w/ our own hearts the vast, amazing Truth of What Is Right Now.

Love Is, the eternal Moment of Creation known as Now.


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