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Home, and home

as we explore our truest nature, finding the sweet sacred balances between our masculine pole and our feminine, we might bump into a question that has been visiting me over and over again.

the answer is the Feminine. the question, where does it begin.

the answer is Home, the question, what is the first thing we need create for this journey through Life.

Home is Feminine work as first brush, inchoate energy again, the most logical moving forward of Life as the moment by moment Creation of All Love.

Imagine you just beamed onto a new world, you and your crew. what would be task #1? to make home, to make a base that would allow everything else to happen. it's like w/ cops, and need #1, to be safe. without safety, nothing else as a cop can happen. so too it is for each of us as embodied beings in the streams and Stream of All Love's Creation.

the Feminine instinct in each of us must make the first step to create home, with Strength, verve, and a loving belief that it's worth the effort.

then doing can begin, defending the home, and building it up. make that sacred space even safer for the nurturing of Life and Love in that sacred womb of All Love's highest aspiration. well, tied for highest.

This we need to sort, inside each of us, where is our Masculine, and where is our Feminine. know that about your own self, and you have a launching pad for the most beautiful and powerful explorations. now that comes later, and in the meantime, we explore ourselves [this last sentence is a tad awkward, fix (please)]


it was described to me last night that the first nod is female the woman as archetypal Feminine indicates that 'yes, you.'

the male sees, and gets to work. her nod is, for all the dudes in the audience, an invitation, an offer that this can be our home, we can make this together, right here and now in this vast cosmos.

she has to start, b/c w/o it, the male will be forever w/o home.

now, gender matters only secondarily in all this, we all have both energies inside us, and some of us in male bodies align w/ the feminine, and visa versa. honour whatever manifestation comes, but do know it inside yourself.

so we make home and then activity can begin.

we'll pick up there next time.

with Love, m


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