the "Lightening and Fertile Earth" collection:

  1. lightening and fertile earth
  2. lightening and fertile earth, 2
  3. lightening and fertile earth, 3
  4. lightening and fertile earth, 4
  5. lightening and fertile earth, 5
  6. lightening and fertile earth, 6
  7. lightening and fertile earth, 7
  8. lightening and fertile earth, 8
  9. First steps, redux
  10. I want to be like Hafiz

decisions were made

so it was chosen that there would be two energies, Two, and they needed to be differentiated, and so they were deemed Feminine and Masculine, or + and -, yin and yang and so on. The words came after, to try to describe what Love had already seen, and caused to be in that inchoate moment.


so before that first moment of Creation—the explosion that set all this into existence—there was a choice made to cleave All Love, temporarily at least, into Two.

temporarily b/c anything bound in time is temporary, a priori, and so we study it in that light, but nonetheless, these Archetypes were set down in the first instant and so bear special scrutiny.

as All Love was pondering this, and typing up the minutes, It knew too that these dual energies needed to have complementary characteristics. and so it invented both movement and stillness and the first fork was reached, and both roads were traveled as One, and Two both.

so we have Stillness and Movement, which, if you observe the universe through nearly any lens will show itself to be ubiquitous.

it's either moving, or it's still. or, nothing happens till something moves.


perfumes often have three notes, a base note, a higher note with intrigues on first blush, and the heart note, the middle essence of the scent.

as we examine our place in the cosmos it's often useful to retreat to the sacred study of our essences—not so much olfactory as vivacious, living, everything.

when we delve into essences we start to see the inflections in the fabric that give callout to the Beauty of each moment.

we start to see the physics of this essential arrangement—stillness and movement. we see doing and being. we see possibilities. in this arrangement, literally anything is possible, for real. it all depends on the inputs, what particular stillness provides home for what particular action.

it's that simple, and no simpler.


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