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the amazing Now

what gets me now, in this moment in this pub, is that it's all new, all Now, it's all a continually occurring Moment of Creation.

dang. i need to dwell there for a moment, if i were driving now i'd pull over into a layby and trip out and be more stunned than i was five minutes ago.

it's ALL happening Now!!

simply that!


move your feet, if you can

dance the next breath in harmony w/ All Love and Life.

question #1

let's circle back, to movtivation. b/c the Creator's motivation naturally informs our, b/c we are progeny of this continual Moment of Creation that began w/ the Big Bang and will only end w/ the wave of this Universe laps against the shore of its tomorrow. in the meantime, we Are, and that's huge.

so if All Love's motive—the motivation of our Creator—was to share, then what are we? we are leaves on that branch, waves of that earthquake, and we are and cannot be separate from that which created us in the first moments...

we were created b/c Love wanted someone to share with with, to share Love w/, to share the miracle of this rad Creation.

Love knew how perfect and Beautiful all this Is, and it wanted us to share in that.

ouf, thank you Love.


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