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as a dude

i have felt too many hours and months of my life that i was inherently broken b/c i am male, b/c i live in a man's body. i am aware of the crimes my gender has perpetrated, and they horrify me, and what's worse is seeing those threads inside myself. i get and commiserate for the chaps locked up in sex offender prisons b/c the sacred heart of their masculinity was ripped out, distorted, and stitched back in unawares.

we erred, greatly, and caused pain that we would never wish upon our daughters or nieces, mothers or wives. we carry a primal guilt that truly i do not know yet how to get passed. i know it's possible, for I Am Love, but in the meantime, i suffer for mistakes made by my bloodline. hence, we shall explore that, not as penance, but w/ curiosity and Love.

the first mistake

the first mistake was to lash out and seek domination.

but why, why would we ever even consider that?

this is the primordial question, the first crack that ran through the branch that shook loose the apple.

yes, woman offered the apple to man, but that's act two.

act one is where we want to be, first steps, and seeing that gives light to shine upon the mistakes that flowed too quickly from that.

for some reason, woman gave up her power and asked man to go first. man can't go first, male can't, b/c we are rubbish at making home. we may be good enough for a shoddy but clean apartment in deserts of arizona, but real home, home that's beyond us. that's Feminine, but not weak, Feminine and Strong, b/c it has to be. Nothing else will work.

and so we must get back to the Sacred Feminine stepping up and making Home here on Earth, and from there Sacred Masculine can keep busy w/ all that needs doing. for with home dudes are spinning wheels and getting into mayhem for lack of sacred soulwork to plunge into.

that shall be the subject of our explorations in the missives to come.

Love, m

Bc it's all So Real

[3:09] Like my kids today. All their dramas are so Real to them

[3:09] So I loved them all so hard; sheltered some, pushed others

[3:10] It doesn't stop....

marqpdx [3:10 PM] i don’t know if they are Real, but i guess they must be

daniyyz [3:10 PM] Like fuckin' ever

marqpdx [3:10 PM] what the young seem to lack is perspective, how vast it all is

daniyyz [3:10 PM] It is to them - they're still growing

marqpdx [3:10 PM] how small yet eternal there worlds are.

[3:10] it is to them.

daniyyz [3:10 PM] They need to have that lack tho.

[3:10] To grow from

[3:11] To feel validated then, only then gently move towards a greater understanding; they're young .... building foundations

[3:11] So I treat it all as hella serious

marqpdx [3:14 PM] yes, but they will be lied to continuously to not grow out of that phase

[3:14] they will be encouraged to pander to that ego-centric world till death,

[3:14] that’s the part i want to zap!


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