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Tuxford delayed

an Explosion took place that was probably like a compressing in of every desire of Love for sharing that had every been, squeezed into what would become the first moment, and our Universe was born.

a couple of questions: a) what was the motivation for creating a universe by Love, and b) what does it have to do w/ now (and me, b/c 'now' requires a me to exist at all).

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Let's start w/ the second question b/c it is easier.

what does any of this have to do w/ right now? right now implies the royal me—you— which interests most of us.

the short answer is that the most fruitful task i have found is to ever expand your consciousness, strive to know our True place in this vast infinity. the 'why bother' is that the more you do this, the more you come to know that we are Love. that's been discussed elsewhere DLW, so we'll leave that as axiomatic for now.

as you expand your consciousness you become vaster—and this word is so nicely said w/ a british accent, the 'a' rhymes w/ the 'o' in hot.

as we become vaster, we understand our true nature better, that I Am Love, that we Are Love, each of us. and, we learn that our current reality is quite possibly a misinterpretation of that Truth.

so, expanding consciousness = good, and yay and carry on w/ that etc...

now question #1: what was the motivation for creating a Universe in the first place???

ou, this is a sweet question to ponder, and one that has felt imbued w/ richness of late.

Imagine that you are a vast, endless Being that could never wish for anything but the absolute best for everyone, and all Creation!

What would you want?

Someone to share w/ probably, at least that's what makes sense to me.

as me, it makes sense, that if i experience something completely amazing, or even just rad, i want to tell someone, share the experience, be not alone in the majesty and joy that i am feeling.

Joy cannot be kept alone like some treasure that will dissipate or be stolen if exposed to any freedom at all. rather, Joy, and joys, innately crave to be shared. so fighting that makes no sense, and that must be some of the inner discussion Love had with Itself. so i gather...


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