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heading to Tuxford

i'm supposed to help blokes, like me, gents and chaps and dudes who don't see our own Brilliance, who have felt homeless in our souls, chastised since birth for being male, a bit dazed by what's our role in all this. women have ascended themselves from depths they never should have touched ever, and we've had a hand, but there's more. we'll get to that in a new series about lightening and fertile earth.

i wrote that, moments ago, still here in Retford. i swam today in a Leisure Centre. i am very grateful.

to begin

inchoate, just begun, mid 1500's Latin, variant of incohare ‘begin.’

that's a brilliant word, tbh. i am grateful to know it.

so the tl'dr of this, the elevator speech to go back decades, the précis* that sets it all in motion is that in the beginning there was One, or One'ness, or some singular entity that existed w/o time. I have come to think of that as All Love.

All Love is a substance, and yet it has vitality, presence, and movement—while at the same, it Is infinite.

So All Love is hanging out being rad and everything, and It decides the best thing to do is to share.

We're pre Big Bang here, so some patience is in order.

to Begin

if we are to expand our consciousness as large as possible, we're going to have to do things like consider and trip out on concepts like the Bing Bang, the moment of Creation of this Universe we inhabit, and that our kin have been inhabiting for 4+ billion years.

for we are kin to earthly plants and the seas that gird our shores, brethren to every animal that has ever lived, b/c when you consider the Big Bang, your consciousness is already dancing w/ expanses of billions of light years, physical vastness that the mind will never comprehend, but the soul can.

anyway, as we cast our soul-gaze back across billions of years and trillions of days, we come to the first moment of the cosmos we call home. that's rad.

we come to the first moment, the inchoate experience in the entire existence of all this.

let's slow this down. we're talking some sort of moment of inception, (MOI), and this moment of inception spans seconds!!! that's crazy. in a span that lasts as long as uttering the first third of this full sentence out loud, the Universe we live in was begun.

an Explosion took place that was probably like a compressing in of every desire of Love for sharing that had every been, squeezed into what would become the first moment, and our Universe was born.

a couple of questions: a) what was the motivation for creating a universe by Love, and b) what does it have to do w/ now (and me, b/c 'now' requires a me to exist at all).

we'll start w/ that next time.

till then,

Love, m

ps, it's more than the removal of the bad stuff, it's the creation of the good.

  • mid 18th cent.: from French précis, literally ‘precise’ (adjective used as a noun).


15May2017 marqpdx [5:19 PM] did you ever study chemistry?

[5:19] there’s this high energy agitated state

[5:20] then certain atoms or particles connect and merge and bond and their entire energy state lowers.

[5:20] like the elements and molecules stand down.

[5:20] that’s how i feel w/ you g.

[5:20] like chemically i way stand down. it’s super dope.

[5:20] so thanks and hi :-)(

[5:21] :slightly_smiling_face:

daniyyz [5:21 PM] Never studied chemistry but I feel the same way

marqpdx [5:22 PM] it’s rad g.

[5:22] ty

[5:22] :heart:

[5:23] it’s pretty rad actually

[5:24] like there’s these states of agitation, of “potential” and then a bonding partner is found and the whole thing becomes legit more chill, lower energy state they call it.

daniyyz [5:25 PM] Holy shit! That's awesome

marqpdx [5:26 PM] it is actually. it drives a bunch of stuff, this atomic quest of low energy (more chill).

[5:26] that’s also, i think, the root of ‘evolution’ how stuff moves towards these lower energy states, b/c longevity.

[5:27] like Low Drama is a real thing :slightly_smiling_face:


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