the "Lightening and Fertile Earth" collection:

  1. lightening and fertile earth
  2. lightening and fertile earth, 2
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  9. First steps, redux
  10. I want to be like Hafiz


when the notion of possibles is seen, the variety of these cosmos makes sense. given enough time, enough motive force, and enough raw material, anything is possible. that's rad, like the actual definition of rad.

and, it's where we come in. not only are we part of the same streams as all the fish in the sea and plants upon the land, we are special. i am loathe to ever brag, so just consider this observation, but we are special. we are, to quote something famous, created in the image of God!

unwrap that for a second, in the image of God! we are endowed w/ certain skill, abilities, drives, and senses as has the very Divine that holds space for all this.

we'll get there.

the tl;dr, so i don't forget, is that we started from One, became Two, and our most sacred, powerful skill is to become One again.

just Be

start there, the Divine Feminine, place, Being'ness.

for each of us, we need to discern our charge, predominantly masculine or feminine. i have come to believe it's anywhere from 100% one to 100% the other. most of us are a mix of both energies, and our first task is to not that spectrum within our own selves.

then Do

that's really the first task, know the parts of you that are impelled by Big Bang forces to do, and know those parts of you that are well compelled simply to be, to hold space, to make space, to make home.

we'll pick up there next time.

Love, m


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