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twins were born

so the decision has been made, to share. we covered that. before the Big Bang, All Love wanted to share the Magnificence of its own Existence. good idea, i say, and here we are.

so the decision was made, and once that, will would kick in soon so intention was needed. how was All Love going to pull this off, a Creation of sharing, an exponential multiplication of itself?

the needs would be:

  • continuity
  • randomness (b/c otherwise it would be boring)
  • drive
  • reward.

OK, i'm All Love, i'm having meetings w/ myself about project Big Bang, and i'm doing needs analysis.

  • The endeavour needs to be sustainable, persistent, on-going w/o constant injections of outside energy. hence continuity.

  • there needs to be randomness or else it's boring, like the definition of boring, inescapably predictable. that absolutely won't suit, so some measures for autonomy, independence, and separateness must occur.

  • there needs to be -drive_—some force that will impel the whole thing forward, b/c without motion, nothing happens.

  • there needs to be some payoff, however mere, b/c that's the flipside of drive.


a term that comes to mind is replicability. the substance of the endeavour needs to be able to perpetuate itself, with enough randomness to ensure freshness and salve curiosity, it needs to have an internal motive force, and it needs to be rewarding to all involved.

so All Love whiteboards all this and has meetings (with i guess itself, or other Universe-creating entities, pals at the pub i don't know) and it decided that its One must become Two.

this is huge.

All Love decided the best way to ensure all needs get met was to create from Itself two forces that could interact to engender continuity.

i guess It could have decided upon Three or Four or some other crazy combination, but maybe this is the first Universe All Love has created and the simplest decision from One is Two, and so we Are.


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