this is this, and 'I Am That' was a ruse

the "Why Bother" collection:

  1. safety and now
  2. safety and now, part two
  3. Angel, fallen

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tender heart, arms open to the fallen

I am, i repeat.

it becomes a continous stream, i am-ness.

i am here drinking too

among the christmas day, only-bar-open scene, like cooking w/ a dull dirty knife and no sink.

who knows? a bottled cider, three four screens within eyeshot,

guerilla gardening [*] our souls with Love during the moments when the sadness breaks, quick hits of goodness worth paying attention for.

so, fallen angel...

that may be misdirected thought, that we have fallen. or maybe we have but it needn't be permanent, an immovable pattern. it can pass; we practice more Kindness and survive better on Earth, and not falter.

His eyes were the color of the sand

And the sea

And the more he talked to me

The more he reached me

But I couldn't let go of L.A.

City of the fallen angels

–Joni Mitchell, Court and Spark

we are fifth dimension beings of Love. we simply are, and so rather than angels who have fallen, we can see that we are angels who have come down on purpose to Love and do Good.

we have all the information we'll ever need. Love, and do what you will.


you gotta know Love, on the frontline; it makes the difference.

we're here b/c we chose to be here, especially helpers.

on the ground it gets heavy at times, murky, sometimes hot and mean. sometimes Beauty is everything.

it's a volatile place planet Earth, and it's where near everything happens.


remain strong, of body and mind.

know we will win, Love will, and we come from Love and we are Love.

Our job, between now and then, is to try to reduce suffering in our collective worlds—yours, mine, and ours.

suffering will persist until the least and last of us makes it Home again, back to Source which is Love. this is also axiomatic.

we are all just walking each other Home –Ram Dass

At that point it doesn't matter what in particular we do as long as we are doing the lessening of suffering—and doing it with Love—caring for self, others, and everything, as much as we can. that's all.

* seed bombs, planting in the cracks, harvesting city fruit, grafting [proto-glossary]


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